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The luxury and fashion industry is undergoing a radical transformation. With technology altering the way we shop, new players entering the market, and changing consumer preferences brands face a unique set of challenges. Sustainability and ethical considerations, the integration of physical and digital channels, and the need to manage complex supply chains are just some of the issues brands must address as the industry undergoes a radical transformation.

Luxury consumers expect quality, value, and unique experiences. To meet these evolving demands, brands must have a deep understanding of their target audience. LeQuiz helps you stay ahead of the curve by providing expert guidance and strategic insights to navigate the industry and successfully inform this rapidly evolving landscape.

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Rediscovering your consumers, your competition and your market

Market Panorama

Market Analysis

A 360° view of your categories

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Understand the people you serve

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A system to ensure your offer meets demand

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Building a brand that people are proud of

Brand Health

Brand tracking

Grow your brand into sales

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Value Propel

Value proposition

Bring your Value Proposition closer to your clients’ needs

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Creating irresistible garments

Build winning products and services

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Find the perfect balance between products and prices

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Realtime concept testing

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Communicating effectively

Maximize the return of your creativity campaigns

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Quantify the return of your promotions before launching

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Stay one step ahead of the competition with our strategic insight

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